Bouck's Falls

A place to discuss waterfalls. Including the parks that house them and the hikes to get to them.

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I noticed when looking over the map, that this waterfall is not listed. Bouck's Falls is located on W Fulton Rd in Fulton, NY. There is a pull off less than a mile up the road and then a well-traveled path. There is one area that is quite steep so use caution. Once down there you can easily climb near the top and to different levels of it. Before the 2011 flood you could jump in from 10ft and above but unfortunately the flood did some damage and the pools at the bottom are no longer as deep as they used to be. This waterfall is a must see if you're in the Cobleskill area.
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Welcome to the site, and thanks for the amazing addition! :up: We will get it added to the map at the next update. I go past this area on my to the Catskills and look forward to stopping!
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Great find. We are definitely lacking with CNY Falls. This is a beautiful falls!
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These falls are located between two private properties & cannot be accessed without trespassing. @matt @hobkyl
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