Ruroshiki - Park Ave, Rochester

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Ruroshiki - Park Ave, Rochester

Postby Matt » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:09 pm

I hate places that have to use unnecessary verbiage to dress up their menu nice and fancy. this place is no exception. In a sneak peak at their menu, i'm pleasantly surprised to see they offer "Gaigin Sandwiches" (Gaigin being pretty much a derogatory word in Japanese to describe a white foreigner, out of place in Japan"). Get it? This place is to Japanese, that if you want a sandwich here, you are a silly "Gaigin." Rararara! :lol:
Anyways, they serve salads, which apparently aren't Gaijin (that's right dickwads, spell it ****ing right), Coca-Cola, and a bunch of other shit you can get at any "Asian-inspired restaurant" - and they have shoestring fries, and chocolate covered fortune cookies, but not on the Gaigin menu. I assume that is a mistake. I don't know how us silly white folk will find them otherwise.

The appeal of this restaurant is not that it serves home-made, hand strung, fresh noodles, but that it's main dishes are... Ramen noodles. You know... the ones that you buy 5 for $1, and they feed people that have little to know ability or time to cook. Well, for $9 you can have those twenty-cent freeze-dried noodles heated up and overcooked, dressed with about $2 of toppings. This is something you can do at home for literally 5 minutes and a fraction of the cost... and i can't think of any special skills you would need to put these dishes together.

In Japan and some cities in the USA, Ramen bars are somewhat popular for their novelty. Let's face it, Ramen noodles are not popular for their taste. They are cheap and convenient. (On another day I will rant about how they are a miracle technology that feeds millions of people) Ramen is a near staple in metropolitan areas of Japan, where the cost of living is high and the available free time and space to cook is low. We really don't have those concerns in many areas of the united states. Recently, "chefs" have embraced the novelty of the popularity of Ramen and began to enhance the foods with new broths, toppings, and by frying the noodles after cooking. Again, nothing people couldn't do in a few minutes. These types of places, having prices pretty much near those noodle houses that serve fresh, or customary noodle places, are losing that novelty they started with. No matter how many greens/meats you dress up ramen with, it's still ramen, and a bowl of Udon is better and about 30 cents more expensive.

I had the Pork Dumplings, which were nothing special, and a $10 Bowl of "Pork Bone Ramen" It was ok.. but for $10, i could have had a phenomenal bowl of good noodles at pretty much any Chinese/Japanese restaurant. I have had noodle at Chopsticks (my favorite spot in Rochester) for a third less and 100 times better. Large, hearty noodles with a fresh taste and meaty broth. Not dressed up budget noodles.

I will not return.
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